Tuesday, July 24, 2007





Ingredients A
250gm glutinuous rice flour
35gm fine sugar
3 tablespoon peanut oil
5 tablespoon water (Not boiling)

Ingredients B
150ml boiling hot water
6 drops of red coloring

Peanuts Fillings:

Ingredients C
100gm ground peanuts
60gm fine sugar

Banana Leaf cut into square and grease

1) Mixed Ingredients C well and set aside for use later
2) Mixed Ingredient A in a large mixing bowl
3) Mixed red coloring into boiling water and add into ready mixed Ingredients A, knead to form a soft smooth dough.
4) Divide dough and roll into balls
5) Flatten ball dough and put Ingredients C (peanuts and fine sugar mix) in the centre, seal up and place into "Ang Ku Kueh" mould, press lightly to form ang ku print.
6) Lightly knock out and put on grease banana leaf
7) Steam over high heat for 5 mins, open lid and steam for another 2 mins, remove, and brush with some oil.

PS: To keep "Ang Ku Kueh" soft, always keep it covered, prevent it from exposing to wind blow, otherwise, may turn hard. If this happened, just steam for 2 mins again.
This portion makes about 12 "Ang Ku Kueh".

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